By Kathleen

Beyond nutrition coaching, because it's not just about what's on our plate.

Kathleen Goller, FNTP

Coaching for the Mind, Body & Soul

I work with those who wish to improve their overall heath. Approaching each client as an individual with their own unique roadmap and goals, I use a holistically based approach to address and support foundational body systems to create balance from the inside out. I work with everyone from competitive athletes, to children, and those just looking to ward off the nursing home. My goals are to combine nutrition with mindset and lifestyle factors to create a sustainable way of living, viewing food as a means of nourishment and healing.

learning is the key to sustainable results

My ultimate goal is bring my clients back in to their own bodies, gaining awareness and understanding of their own bioindivideal needs.

Vincent Minucci

"... In addition to nutrition, Kathleen has offered great insight on total wellness: mind, body and soul. Tips on mindfulness, dealing with anxiety and envisioning goals, Kathleen has helped me achieve goals beyond the scale. I cannot recommend her enough. She is hardworking, compassionate and will meet you where you are and help you reach those goals.”

Eddie Saenz

"... I couldn’t be happier with my ability to sustain energy through a day and being happier with my transformation. I guess you can’t write one of these things without a caveat, and the unfortunate part in going through this journey is that I’ve had to get rid of a bunch of clothes which is definitely costing me.”

Jason Rodriguez

"Working with Kathleen has exceeded my expectations. If you are on the fence about working with a nutritionist, stop equivocating, pick up the phone and set a date to sit down with Kathleen - you will be glad that you did..."

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